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Bondage Fetish Deluxe Douche

Bondage Fetish Deluxe Douche

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This effective anal douche is so easy to use with a soft, squeezable bulb, making it an absolute essential for fans of anal toys and anal sex. Douche before anal fun or sex for a clean, fresh and pleasurable experience.

Apply water-based anal lube on the nozzle gives extra glide during insertion and adjust the angle of your body by a tiny wiggle of your bottom for a comfortable fit.

- Easy-to-use and effective anal douche for intimate cleansing and hygienic anal play
- Firmly squeeze the bulb to suck in and expel water for effective anal cleaning
- A contoured nozzle stem makes insertion comfortable and easy
- Body-safe material with a non-slip finish for extra grip during use
- Holds up to 160 ml of water
- Nozzle Circumference: 2.5 cm; Insertable Length: 5.6 cm
- Material: Rubber
- Product Weight: 64 g

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