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ROYAL GEMS Brilliant - Silicone Rechargeable Bullet

ROYAL GEMS Brilliant - Silicone Rechargeable Bullet

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You don’t need to be royalty to enjoy this elegant line. Hidden beneath it’s silky-smooth medical grade silicone exterior lies a pedigree unmatched. BRILLIANT’s rounded top is perfect for stimulating the small erogenous zones. The magnetic fully rechargeable proprietary New Generation F-1 motor design delivers mind blowing vibrations uniformly across the full surface of the toy. Don’t settle for the common, choose to be royal.

Product dimensions: 12 x 3.4 cm
Product weight: 77 grams
Product diameter: 3.5 cm
Quantity motors: 1
Rotations vibration tip: 10000 RPM
Speed modes: 10
Multi speed: Yes
Noise level: 45 dB
Rechargeable: Yes
Rechargeable time: 120 min
Recharged battery lifetime: 60 min
Waterproof: Yes
Splashproof: Yes
Phthalate free: Yes
Materials: Silicone

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